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Dudley and Silas
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Concept Art

Except where otherwise noted, all conceptual art for the movie was done by Philip Yon.


Dudley didn't change too much throughout the process. However, since the puppet's control mechanism ending up being just behind his legs, the tail idea was scrapped.

Silas 1

Early concepts of Silas had him being two legged, same as Dudley.

Silas 2

This was the final 2-legged Silas concept, this one a bit meaner than the last. In those days we were going for more of a Tim Burton style. I still like this guy, even though he certainly isn't Silas.

Silas 3

We decided to make him four-legged as yet another contrast to Dudley (lamb/wolf, plush/wooden, etc.). Final four legged concept. If you look at the montage (below), you'll see an earlier concept that was more cutesy.

Final Art Montage

This was the final montage delivered to the puppet makers. Note the date, and the fact that the fonts for the title and company weren't finalized (and we called ourselves POEM Productions back then).

Silas Final

This is the final Silas drawing, done by John Corbitt (who made the actual Silas). He took out the last remnants of Tim Burton, and also gave the wolf toy a more manufactured look. The actual Silas head doesn't look as fox-like.

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Movie Clip

The following clip shows the introduction to the toy store, and the creation of Dudley. These scenes do not appear exactly like this in the final movie; the clip is intended to give you an overall feel of the film.

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